28 05 2016

Rating: PG
Running time: 133 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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This movie was rated pretty high on a couple of sites, but it is probably not going to be as popular here as baseball is a core element of the story, or in particular the way baseball league is being managed, run and dominated in US. If I am not mistaken, it is a very popular sport over there but pretty much quite the opposite over here. Nonetheless I still took this up because I get the impression is about changing the way the game is played off the field in terms of team management etc.

The movie follows the story of this manager, as he is faced with a crisis when his star players are headhunted to the bigger teams who have a big fat wallet to pay high wages. In his struggle to rebuild a potential winning team, he meets a fresh graduate who has a different way of valuing players as opposed to how the scouts do it during that period of time. It was considered radical but at the same time it seemed like a legit attempt to revive his team given his limited budget.

I suppose where this movie stands out would be the drama and struggles to try to change the way a professional sport is fundamentally run. It is never an easy task and results take time before they show themselves. The personal history of this manager’s younger days also play a part in fuelling his obsession in wanting to change the game so badly. While it is a mostly pretty serious movie, there are some comedy moments once in a while.

Of course, some things have probably been tweaked so that it is more viable as part of a movie’s plot, but I should think the main ideas were indeed really taken from real events. Some of the things that I see in this movie, assuming it came from real people and events, are similar to some other fictitious works I have seen in terms of ideas of using players etc. I guess the later works took some inspiration from real happenings and powered their own stories.

And unlike most movies, the ending isn’t exactly all that perfect and happy as life would often dictate to be otherwise. Nonetheless, an (or more?) important message is sent across. Overall, I think it is a pretty solid movie even though it doesn’t have action packed sequences nor romantic stories to melt your hearts. Quite a good watch even though I’m not a baseball fan. My take: 7/10




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