Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1532

23 05 2016

KOF XIV Team Yagami trailer. I see more visual improvements made. Hope to see more soon.

KOF XIII Kim combo video by persona

Street Fighter V Chun Li tutorial by Momochi

Skullgirls combo video by dragonos451

Mortal Kombat X D’Vorah combo clip by Heey Ge0rge

Street Fighter V Ryu combo tutorial by VesperArcade. Based on an older patch version of the game, cos I’m clearing some older videos along the way =P But I suppose most, if not all, of the combos should still work

Street Fighter V M. Bison V-Skill and Dash compilation by Venom44. That V-Skill looks awesome if you get the right reads, or can react fast enough.

BBCF Carl combo video by Renza

BBCF Hakumen combo video by Joni Matsu

One Piece: Burning Blood Koala moveset trailer




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