22 05 2016

Oops, looks like I have enjoyed my self-made long weekend a little too much, which resulted in me being overly late once again. Yep, I took a day off on Friday as part of my annual leave clearance which has been brought forward from the previous calendar year. Oh well, just another excuse as to why I am late I guess. =P

Well, let’s start with work stuff as I usually would. Hmm, actually I’m not sure if they have indeed submitted the app to the store for approval, but that was the plan to do so by Friday which I somehow have “accurately” picked the right time to be away. I applied for the day off even before the current development cycle began so I can only say it is a pure coincidence. Along with it, there were some hastened plans instead of the original timeline of the following week instead, so it was quite chaotic during the week which meant I had to work a little extra during those days to clear some stuff. Well, it is indeed just a little compared to how some people work overtime, so I guess I am probably “not allowed” to complain about that. Ah well, I guess having a shorter week helped lighten my mood as I am normally not so receptive to that.

Oh, there was also supposed to be a team building event yesterday but I didn’t show up, partly because I want to enjoy my long weekend, as well as not really looking forward to the event anyway which was supposedly flying kite as the main activity, maybe with the creation of it as well. Yeah, not my kind of activity anyway, and the project team is so huge it is kind of awkward (for me) to be at such events. Oh well, I’ll ask around tomorrow to see what went on I guess, or maybe I wouldn’t bother anyways. Heh.

So for the past few days I have pretty much been doing what I normally do during the typical weekends anyway. Spent some time drafting entries which is more than usual because I ended up clearing more titles than usual too. Haha. Yeah, the week’s entries have of course been scheduled and I am once again fairly lazy to clear more fighting game videos so I will be tapping on my reserves once again. Well, good time to slowly but surely exhaust the reserves from 2012. Lol, yeah by that deduction, entries which I have been writing this year will probably only be published in the next decade or something…

The coming week will be back to normal for me I guess, since I didn’t take any day off. Speaking of day off, I suppose I will be credited with an off in lieu which I have to clear within the year, thanks to the public holiday which happened on a Saturday which translates to a ‘customisable’ holiday for us workers. Not sure what will happen in the days ahead, but I suppose there will be sufficient things for me to do anyway. I just hope it would be relatively peaceful and I will get by without much trouble. For the rest of you, hope it will go fairly well too and I shall see you next week. Take care and enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend. See ya.




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