Captain America: Civil War

9 05 2016


Rating: PG
Running time: 147 minutes
Opens: 28 April 2016, now showing

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) IMDB Profile
3) MovieMistakes Profile
4) Official Site (English)

Look at that cast and you might be wondering how this is a Captain America movie. Well, it is titled that way for one, and probably his actions taken in the movie made him the lead character of the show though I felt his star presence didn’t necessarily reflect the same proportion of influence. But anyhow, this is probably one of the superhero movies which were more looked forward to, due to the familiarity of other characters in the movie which are supposed to play alongside.

That’s right, we will see a lot of familiar faces, a couple of new ones, and they are all involved in this so called internal conflict among the team, caused by someone who really wants to see these powerful characters whack each other and in turn end up inflicting damage on everyone else around them, and to each other of course. In order to reach this goal, there is some elaborate plan to set things up, even involving events and people from the past just to pull it off. Well plot wise, it is very easy to follow so I will just leave the rest for the actual watching for you.

Action wise, there will be a lot of it for sure, considering how many characters you have and each of them need to have some opportunity to showcase their stuff. But of course, the biggest factor is that the two ‘sides’ will clash and well, they will brawl with each other. To be honest, probably every superhero is pulling their punches, since when they had more individual limelight or in previous appearances in other movies, they were definitely more capable of doing stuff, so sometimes I found it to be more of a cinematic gimmick rather than really showcasing their combat abilities and skills. That said, it is not like I dislike the action scenes.

Overall, it is a pretty fast paced movie which doesn’t really give too much idle time to sit around doing nothing despite it being a pretty lengthy movie by today’s standards. The introduction of a couple new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe probably indicates clearly that there will solo movies for these people in time to come, which would mean there will be more superhero movies to catch in the future. It was an enjoyable watch, and to be honest, I am curious on what the MCU has in store for us. My take: 7/10

p.s. I need to watch that Antman movie since I couldn’t recognise the actor when he first appeared without his suit.




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