Stuff to clear

8 05 2016

This week’s update is late again, but that’s really mainly because I was out during the daytime to catch a movie, so there wasn’t really an opportunity to blog this unless I chose to do it like last night. Well, like I sometimes mention, it is not like many people is going to notice the difference, so I suppose I can once again get away with it? =D

Well then, let’s start with work like I normally would. Thanks to the “make up” public holiday on Monday, this week had a day less to work which makes me a happier worker in general. Things are surprisingly at a relatively slower pace at the moment, and guess what, there are still tweaks and changes to a version which should have been done and closed like 3 weeks ago. Yeah well, I suppose the slower pace also gives me some window to try to fiddle with other stuff which has seen a little bit of progress though it’s still a long, long journey ahead if I do end up wanting to do a decent job out of it. The coming week is gonna be a full one, and I honestly don’t know what to expect. Will it be back to “main quest”, or there will continue to be some ample opportunity to explore the other stuff? There’s only one way to find out…

As for the coming week’s entries, as mentioned earlier, you can probably expect a movie review to come tomorrow though I haven’t actually written anything for it just yet. That will be done shortly after I am done with this entry. There will be a few fighting game video entries to deal with and I will once again tap on my reserves for the final scheduled entry for the week. I suppose this will be a slightly different flavour on my blog for the coming days. Expect more of such things to happen as I continue to procrastinate a little in clearing all the videos in my ‘watch later’ list. But yeah, meanwhile still working on that generic backlog and also my writing backlog.

Well then, there’s still a bunch of stuff to write and schedule after I am done with this, and judging from the time right now, it is probably a good idea I start working on them before the weekend is up. Hmm, maybe I am taking this a tad too seriously for the kind of traffic I am getting on this little writing space, but I suppose it continues to serve as a platform for me to exercise whatever little discipline I have left.




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