Heated Long Weekend

1 05 2016

Oh man, I am actually half struggling to get this entry up since I am not exactly feeling very good at the moment. Not sure if it is the weather today, or that there’s something else bugging me, but my head feels kind of heavy at the moment. Ah well, I’m sure I will finish this entry somehow.

Let’s see, work wise, it has been pretty peaceful though there are still last minute tweaks and changes here and there. Well, eventually had some time to resume exploration on other stuff. Took a while to get things going and I didn’t make that much actual progress in the end. Perhaps the coming week will have a little more progress. Or maybe something else will become the main focus, since it appears that App store approves stuff pretty fast nowadays. Not sure if that is a good thing for development, because they may have the incorrect idea of having an easier time to submit and make changes as compared to previously. Oh well… We shall see.

For the week’s entries, it will be all fighting game videos again, a great part thanks to the release of the latest character for SFV, which proves to be rather popular in terms of making combo videos. There’s also quite some footage of KOF XIV matches which looked noticeably different when viewed at 60fps vs 30fps on YouTube. The latter just makes it look rather backward for a current generation console game. Anyway, the streak may come to an end soon and I might be tapping on my reserves soon enough. We shall see how it turns out.

And so, a third of the year has gone by rather quickly, and actually tomorrow will also mark 1 year of me moving to the current office space. But hopefully, this month will not be like last year in terms of the amount of time I spent at work. It should be a better May this time round, and I certainly do hope it turns out that way. For now, I just want to get rid of this discomfort so that I can enjoy my long weekend… Maybe I should drink more water, or perhaps take more naps during rest days. Either way, hope all you will take good care of yourself and I shall be seeing you next week.




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