Carnival Phantasm

22 04 2016

Japanese title: カーニバル・ファンタズム
Number of episodes: 12 + specials

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN
3) Official Site (Japanese)

To be honest, this series is better catered for fans of the Type Moon titles, but I am not exactly familiar with the Melty Blood characters apart from the little fighting game footage that I’ve watched for that series and as for the Fate series, I’ve only watched that few series so far and have not covered any of the other forms of media.

That said, it is mostly comedy centric themed and pokes fun at quite a bit on the characters. As such, not everything is well understood by me but some of the funny stuff do not really require that much in-depth knowledge to derive some entertainment for it. I guess the bigger fans might actually gain more joy than I did though =D

While it is a short series, I actually took quite a while to finish up all the episodes, partly because they are pretty much standalone in nature and I kind of forgotten about it while getting distracted by many other things. And since it did not air on TV (I think), each episode’s length may vary a little from time to time which is also kind of good as they would just spend enough time to cover whatever is intended in that episode.

Overall, it is still quite a fun experience to watch even though I probably lack sufficient knowledge to fully appreciate the finers things that have been included (or maybe I’m over imagining things again). It is a better pick than I had expected initially. =D

p.s. I personally found the Castle special most hilarious. I don’t know why… Heh.




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