Persona 4 (Animation)

21 04 2016

Number of episodes: 25

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN
3) Official Site (Japanese)

For those who know me pretty well, I suppose you might already know what the biggest reason that made me pick up this series. Yup, indeed, it has something to do with the fighting game title that was released not too long ago (again, based on time of draft =P). However, as I realise there’s a RPG similarly titled I think it is probably based on that game rather than the fighting game.

Well, no harm getting to know more about the characters and some of the story despite me having not played any of the related games just yet. Sad to say but the story doesn’t exactly grip me very well and in fact I felt rather bored for some of the episodes, probably because the pacing is rather slow and it didn’t seem that there was much development in the storyline during the initial phase.

In the end, I managed to finish it and eventually saw how the plot turned out. I can’t say it is a great story or anything, but I suppose the true ending episode which is only included in the Blu-ray release is kind of crucial to give the entire series more sense (imo). I certainly think that it is only complete with that episode covered. Maybe it is a form of marketing strategy for more people to actually buy that volume and consequently getting the entire series since it is really odd with only the final volume on hand.

Overall, I suppose it was good for me to find out more about the characters and their relationships with one another, but in the end the storyline and presentation style isn’t exactly my cup of tea. That said, I still want to give the fighting game a try but it seems getting my hand on an affordable and compatible copy isn’t a trivial thing to do either thanks to it being the first region locked game for PS3.




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