Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection

20 04 2016

rurouni - reflection

Japanese title: るろうに剣心 -明治剣客浪漫譚- 星霜編
Number of episodes: 2

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN

The final OVA and animation in the series (if you disregard the retelling of the Kyoto arc in the recent movies), this seems to be yet another mostly non-canon work, or so the wikipedia article tells me. However, it seems to me that this is more of an attempt to wrap up the animated series in its own way by finishing up the story of Kenshin.

With reflection as its title, it is not surprising to see quite a few flashbacks of some of the important moments during the storyline. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing for a relatively short OVA, but I suppose it is needed for its style of presentation here. On the other hand, it also means that when it’s time to concentrate on the core story, it can appear to be pretty rushed.

It’s not so much of action and stuff this time, but focusing more on the emotional aspects of the characters. Or I should say it’s more of a drama approach for the lead characters. On the one hand, it is not too bad to see a story being wrapped up instead of being left unfinished as many other popular titles might have been, but knowing that this ending isn’t exactly the way it was originally written and intended also makes me feel not so comfortable. Perhaps I should pick up the manga someday and see for myself how the story actually goes.

From the viewpoint of wrapping up a title, I think it is still a fairly decent watch. At least, for someone who actually finished the live action title first. Lol. Those who have faithfully followed the manga may have different views. Who knows I might ‘join’ them if and when I finish the manga myself…

p.s. finding a sizeable picture was harder than usual…




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