Bumpy Journey

17 04 2016

It’s time for that weekly update again, and I’m late again. This time it was mainly due to a gathering I just had earlier in the afternoon and I have only just returned not long ago. Yeah, this time I did not bother to write it in advance like how I did last week, if I recall correctly. Well, it’s not like there’s a lot to look forward to, or that a lot of people are waiting for this to appear anyway, considering the average traffic I get these days.

Anyway, the past work week was not a pleasant one. In fact, I am quite displeased at how some of the things run. What’s the point of trying to establish proper teams and hierarchy, even employing new staff member(s) to help facilitate this change but when it comes down to it, the one right at the top can just override everything anyway. It’s still “easier to stomach” if it was some crucial thing which was overlooked and would cause heavy damage to key features or functions, but it was something which was agreed and approved upon weeks ago and much effort have been put into it in order to realise the not-very-good system anyway. Someone told me that it could be that many places are actually running on such a practice, but that doesn’t mean I should be contented and happy with it. Well, no doubt I am not exactly the best employee there who “qualifies” to make such demands, but I guess I will be on a lookout for potential opportunities to make changes to my life. Yeah, I guess what I actually mean is pretty obvious, and who knows someone in my organisation could actually be reading this. Whatever, at this point I am probably beyond caring all that much already, considering how much care I am actually given, based on various scenarios in recent times.

Well, I am pretty lazy with clearing fighting game videos recently (this past week), or actually just backlog in general. Perhaps it is partly due to the extra hours I spent at work, or maybe it is affected by my relatively unstable emotional state these days. Whatever it is, I have actually tapped on my reserves for quite a bit and I am “happy” to announce that the anime and drama reserves for 2012 are now depleted, which leaves only the movie section for that year. With some luck, I will actually finish the 2012 reserves sometime later this year, depending on how many fighting game videos appear (and I clear them). Yah well, at least you will be seeing some different content and perhaps outdated. To be honest, I didn’t do a quick re-read to see what I have written, so it may well represent thoughts based on time of writing rather than my current thoughts and opinions. I think my preferences and tastes have changed a little over the years so take them with a pinch of salt. =P

The coming week looks to be another not so nice week to work in, but I guess I will try to keep myself in check and finish the tasks which I am assigned to. At least, I will ensure the minimum standard for the deliverables, but I am not sure how much extra effort I will put in to go the extra mile which I still did for some of the tasks because I saw that the impact is far more than just what was stated on “paper”. Yah well, I just sincerely hope I will be able to control myself and not go berserk. I nearly did, and to be honest, I don’t like myself when I snap… Heh. Take care and I will try to enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend. Also, remember to drink more water in this crazy warm (read: hot) weather. See you next week for the final weekly update of the month!




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