9 Years

15 04 2016

Again, I am writing this again during the night, something I shouldn’t really be doing on an eve of a work day, but I thought I should just keep this annual tradition while I am still at it. So 9 years ago, this version of my blog was born and amazingly, I am still at it and going forth it will be the 10th year. As usual, there will be some statistics provided, which I will mostly follow the format from last year though I don’t expect it to be anything fantastic.

’15-’16 statistics:
– Day with most visits: 20 December 2015 (141)
– Week with most visits: 14-20 December 2015 (242)
– Month with most visits: June 2015 (613)
– Average words written (more like published) per day: 254.05
– Average number of visits per day: 11.7
– Average number of comments per day: 0
– Average number of spam per day: 2.57

Seems likes there is a slight increase in the average words published per day but it remains low thanks to the majority stake of fighting game videos which usually doesn’t have too much text per entry. But I guess the reserves have been increasing in terms of entry count and I guess there are much more words written in those than the ones published. You will see them in time to come, I guess. Traffic into my blog is falling, which I suppose is contributed by the fact that it is not exactly very informative nor interesting.

After all these years, the space utilisation is still only at a mere 5% despite my “increase” in entry drafts which involves a picture/poster. It still looks very sufficient to last me though, since it’ll take nearly to the end of the 22nd century at this rate to finish it. Surely I won’t be around by then, even if WordPress still is. I guess I will be pretty much continuing what I have been doing all these while, perhaps making some changes here and there but I don’t expect those changes, if any, to be very great. I will probably see my reserves grow in the next year as well. Here’s to an unknown number of years ahead… See ya




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