Heated Up

3 04 2016

It’s not like I am raging now, but thanks to the weather, I suppose most of us are literally heated up. The weather recently has been pretty hot, but this weekend felt like it is on a different scale totally. Granted, I am probably already more fortunate than many others since I do have my aircon switched on, but taking into account of my body mass and also my typical “heat generation” it probably negates all that luxury since I am still not feeling cool or anywhere remotely close to that. As a result, currently I don’t really have the mood to do very much, even though I am supposed to be relaxing and savouring the weekend.

Yep, somehow survived another week, but it is not exactly a very eventful one. Found more problems with a feature that I am going to test this coming week and pointed out all the relevant concerns I have discovered. Seems like as I look deeper into it, or get a sense of part of the actual implementation, I realise more potential problems or things which need to be handled. Not exactly a very fun thing though, considering there will be quite some back and forth before things actually get done, and given their ever so idealistic timeline, it is going to fall pretty short of it. Well, see how it goes then. I’ll be doing my usual anyway, so yeah.

On related note, seems like the company managed to pull off more investments and thus making it the highest valued company in the region (or somewhere there). Well, I suppose it’s good news but it doesn’t exactly seem very real to me nor have much direct impacts to my daily work (or renumeration). Perhaps it might get more people to (finally?) know the existence of Garena and maybe something might change from there. And I guess they probably spent 0.0001% of it on treating us on April Fool’s Day which many of us thought it was another “joke” email sent out on that special day for the fun of it, just like the previous year. Ah well, whatever, life goes on.

With the release of content update on Street Fighter V, I guess that helped a lot in churning out sufficient video entries for the rest of the week. And as I schedule these entries for the week, I realise that the birthday of this little blog space is not very far away now. Guess I will be dishing out a yearly summary like I have always done over the past years, but I wonder how many more of such years are still to come. Ah well, more on that on a later date, so I actually have things to write during that occasion. =P I also have a writing backlog to be tackled, but currently the “friendly” weather it totally affecting my mood to do anything “productive”. Sigh. I suppose that should be the end of this week’s entry, since my mind isn’t really functioning very well either thanks to the fabulous weather. See you next week! And drink lots of water if you are facing the nasty weather like me.




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