Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1498

30 03 2016

Top 8 Street Fighter V matches from Final Round. I saw some new things (to me) here, and some of the rounds were really quite exciting, something I didn’t quite feel from this game initially

Brenttiscool vs MCZ Mago

RZR Infiltration vs PH Nando

MJS Haitani vs Go1-3151

Brenttiscool vs MJS Haitani

CR Sonic Fox vs MCZ Tokido

PH Nando vs MCZ Tokido

MJS Haitani vs MCZ Tokido

RZR Infiltration vs MCZ Mago (winners final)

MCZ Mago vs MCZ Tokido (losers final)

RZR Infiltration vs MCZ Tokido (grand finals)




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