Final Long Weekend of 2016 Q1

27 03 2016

Yeah, once again I can’t think of any title so I just randomly pieced together one like the above. Well, technically it is correct, at least as far as I know. Lol, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything about the (random?) things I am going to be typing about.

So I suppose to start off, I need to begin with work based on my usual patterns. The week has been fairly peaceful in some sense, yet also chaotic at the same time. It is peaceful because there isn’t really a whole lot of new tasks coming in, so I can focus on clearing some of my existing todos while preparing for some of the tasks to come by first thinking about the scenarios and the requirements which did not cover those scenarios. Well, it is mostly needing to verify the intended behaviour for those scenarios not clearly spelled out, just to be sure that things will at least be in sync and not “randomly” based on the developer’s discretion.

On the chaotic part, there seems to have some last minute changes and last minute discovery of a rather serious “bug”. Well, the latter doesn’t cause any functional breaks, but I suppose for the user experience, it is not going to be a very pleasant one, especially for the heavier users. Anyhow, that’s also resolved in the end, so that’s fine I guess. =P Also good to know that I was able to understand the whole scenario and also come up with a solution on my own, though given the circumstances it turns out that sort of solution is not so good. Ah well, not that I voiced it out anyway, but good to know that I sort of understand the system well enough on a high level perspective though I know there are still many other areas which I am still very lacking.

While this may have been a long weekend, the first day of it was mostly spent on cleaning up my place. It’s those once a year big cleanup sort of thing, so it was really quite tiring and required much time to complete. It also took a toll on my physical self, probably due to me overexerting (or something along those lines) as it was definitely much more menial than my usual lifestyle behaviour. Ah well, it’s nice to see it rather cleaned up though it probably won’t last all that long since I only do such thorough maintenance only once every so long.

For the coming week, there will still be sufficient video game entries to come since I have somehow managed to finish up 6 entries. With a new DLC update coming for Street Fighter V, perhaps we will see a small surge in the coming week though it’s only 1 character so I’m not exactly confident that it will be a full video game week for the week after that. We shall see though. Also finishing up most of the dramas which I have picked up in the current season and that also means my writing backlog is slowly growing again. Lol, sometimes I wonder why I am bothering to write entries for (almost) all the shows I watch. Heh.

Hmm, I think that’s about it for this week, since I think I have pretty much written all the bigger events in my fairly mundane life. Well then, the coming week will be a full work week and I am probably not looking forward to it. Guess I should consider carefully when I should clear those outstanding leave which I have carried forward from the previous year. Well, I have the next quarter to ponder over that, but the only thing I am 100% certain is that I will not be forfeiting any of those. Heh. =D Take care and I’ll see you next week/month/quarter.




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