Kuroko’s Basketball

25 03 2016

Japanese title: 黒子のバスケ
Number of episodes: 25

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN
3) Official Site (Japanese)

It’s been quite some time since I have watched a sports anime series, and definitely even longer for a basketball themed one. From the title alone, it doesn’t take much to make a guess who the main character will be. Unlike most sports manga/anime, the main character isn’t someone big, strong, fit or naturally gifted in sports and is actually quite the opposite though he does have a trick or two to make a name for himself during his middle school days.

However, as we get to know later, the truth is that he is lacking in many areas compared to your usual anime sportsmen. He is joined by his team mates and together they can still make things happen by utilising each individual’s strengths. The downside of having all these other characters come into the limelight and having their significant presence makes it less of a “Kuroko” thing but rather the people around. In fact at some point in time I felt that his (direct) involvement is not as much as I had expected, but perhaps the later parts of the story (the manga is still ongoing) have different plans in mind.

Of course, as with most sports themed works, there are some exaggerations to high school kids’ abilities when it comes to sports, but it was mentioned briefly that the levels of NBA players and such are on a way higher level due to the inability for their moves to be copied by one of the characters who have this uncanny ability to replicate the exact movements and skills of other players just by seeing their movements. Lol, makes me wonder what kind of powers those players would have if there were made into an anime character, at least for this ‘universe’. Hahaha.

The series ended quite early and I think there’s a hint for a second season to come at some point in the not so distant future. I am somewhat curious as to how the story will develop and what kind of direction it will take. Well, of course there’s always the option of reading the manga (think it’s slightly over 100 chapters to catch up as of right now) myself, but I think I would put that on hold for the time being since I sense that a sequel series will come fairly soon, perhaps even before this entry gets published officially on my blog. After all, I prefer to watch an anime series to reading the manga, assuming the former follows the latter closely.




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