20 03 2016

Hello there, it is time for me to make a wordy appearance once again. Actually, I have been trying to clear my writing backlog this weekend, so it isn’t the first time I am actually typing quite a bit during this short break. That said, the difference about writing weekly update is that I have to think of stuff to write as compared to my other typical entries which already have a topic or theme to it to start off so it is in some ways easier to start writing. Ah well, let’s see how it goes.

Let’s start with work. The week is mostly me trying to juggle clearing my usual tasks, as well as trying to get used to the Mac OS. There’s a lot of misc work and efforts to be done in order to ‘migrate’ and till now I am still not done with it, though I would say after much efforts, it is almost there. All this work to migrate is for the long term plans, which I’m not sure when it will really kick in and see the results. There also many things I need to get used to. The shortcuts and behaviours which was natural to me often have a different combination of keystrokes, or even totally different “feel” to it. Heck, even the basic keyboard input has its differences. Ah well, I suppose all these will get better as I spend more time with it. Even though there are many inconveniences I have to overcome, I can see some reasons why there is such a strong fanbase. It does have its good points and smoothness once you are accustomed to it. Heh, either way it looks like the coming days will be rather busy in clearing other main tasks so probably won’t have a whole lot of time to continue exploring.

For the coming week, I have yet to complete the entire series of videos to post for the entire week. Perhaps I will finish enough to get by the week, or perhaps I will dig up something from the reserves and fill in the empty spots. Either way, it would appear that I am not clearing videos fast enough these days so you can probably expect more reserve entries to appear in the near future. Hmm, I have kind of run out of ideas to write stuff, so I suppose this will be another abrupt ending. Not the first time I’ve done this though. Take care and see you next week…




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