Changing Times Ahead

13 03 2016

It’s time for another weekly update. Another week has gone by, but it wasn’t the best week since I finally “surrendered” to the office flu which has been around since the post CNY days (probably mentioned before?). Well, in some sense it is also good instead of being on the borderline of being ill yet not ill enough, so that I could really get quite a bit of rest during those rest days, probably to catch up on sleep and rest. At least I am better now, though still not fully recovered. Hopefully, that’s the end of the bad flu for me for the time being.

Work wise, I suppose for the most part I was catching up on work which has accumulated slightly while I was away, but otherwise still considerably peaceful. Due to the long term plans coming, the biggest thing would be that I will be switching platform, and I am not sure how much time I will need to get used to it, before actually moving forward and progress the way things are ideally supposed to head to. Either way, I guess I will be learning new things and probably experiencing something different for some time to come. That’s probably a good thing if it turns into something fruitful. Well, the only way to see what happens, is really to wait and see. Lol.

Backlog wise, I haven’t actually been clearing very much, because I embarked on a long drama which would have been 4 to 5 anime seasons or double that for the shorter ones. So yeah, but it’s not like the number of shows I clear which really matters at this point of time, at least for this blog, since it will be quite some years before it actually will be published anyway, assuming I keep up with the blogging going and all. That said, the fighting game videos stuff will continue to roll for the coming week, though I admit I haven’t exactly been “hardworking” at it recently.

I don’t usually talk much about news, but it seems that the past week is filled with some rather big news. Nope, I’m not going to bother much about the local politics stuff here which also had a shocking news just very recently. Particularly, the high profile AI vs top Go player happening in Korea (even right now) has been making waves, probably more so since my field of work has many people interested in such technological developments. Personally, I am really bad at the board game itself, but the performance of AI on this subject matter has been relatively lacklustre as compared to some other board games out there. While there are still people who are having their own conspiracy theories, I would like to believe that this is somewhat important milestone in history, even though it might be still be quite far from the goal the team intends to reach with the project that they have built. I’m no expert in the technical field either, but it is probably going to be interesting and exciting if there could be other applications which could be made or extended from it in the future. Well since I am not an expert in either topics, I suppose I shall refrain from making further comments on this topic. Heh.

Well then, as you might have guessed, it is about time for me to wrap up this week’s update. As usual, there’s not really a lot being said here. Time to savour for the rest of the weekend (not much left) and brace for another full week ahead. Take care and I shall see you next week (most likely).




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