Back to Usual Pace

6 03 2016

Yup, it is time for another weekly entry, but I suppose this week is much less eventful as compared to the previous entry. After all, this week is pretty much a “standard” week where work takes up the majority of the time. Yeah that also means there will probably be hardly anything interesting to share about but I shall see what I can come up with.

While this week wasn’t a full work week for me, it certainly felt like one, since it felt like a really long week. It is rather strange though, as it’s not like there are super a lot of deadlines to meet, but somehow it really felt like a drag. Not sure why though. Perhaps it is due to me not having rested well, or that the virus that is going around in the office is trying very hard to infect me now that I am not at my usual condition. In fact, there are a couple of days I feel that I am really at the borderline of falling ill, yet not exactly ill enough to convince a private GP to grant me MC. Yeah, most of the time they would think I am trying to skive, or find excuse to not go to work/school. Oh well…

As for the coming week’s entries, they are actually already done, since they have been completed even before today. That said, I still have a bunch of shows which I haven’t drafted just yet, because I ended up clearing more shows during the weekdays while I have not written a single word for them. Well, looks like I will have to spend some time today to clear part of it, since I doubt myself being able to dish out that many entries based on all these past experiences. Well, it’s not like these entries would be appearing anytime soon, so I suppose there is no hurry on my part.

The coming work week will be a full one, and I feel like I still haven’t recovered/rested enough from the recent spike in “social” activities. Yeah well, this is how feeble I am. Perhaps I should go grab a nap or something later on (after I publish this). Hopefully, I will be able to get through the week peacefully and in one piece. See you again next week.

p.s. as expected, not very interesting nor lengthy this time.




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