Leap Day Post

29 02 2016

For those who are regular enough, or have been attentive, you would have realised that this week’s update didn’t come on the usual day of the week like it usually did. Well, there’s a reason for that, and that will come later (shortly?). Anyhow, the title is a natural selection since it coincided so nicely that I would be blogging such an entry on such a day since there is a high chance that it would have been some scheduled post’s place.

Hmm, let me try to recall the past work week. To be honest, my memory now is a little blurry since I am still fairly tired from the big event yesterday. Let’s see, ah right, much of the week was spent testing, or at least trying to test a certain feature on a certain platform which isn’t really clearly defined the exact goals and standards it wants to achieve before releasing. That makes it more difficult to pinpoint exactly what areas have to be fixed in time to come, or what requires immediate attention for those issues which are kind of in the grey area due to the lack of clear specifications and things are based on my own gauge/estimation. Oh well, I already did my part the previous week and I’m not sure what is going to happen today. I will probably find out tomorrow when I get back to work I suppose. Yup, I took the day off today to rest and recover (mostly) at home.

Earlier in the week I also managed to meet up with some ex-colleagues but the session was pretty short, at least for me, due to my working hours ending notably later than the rest, hence joining the latest. It’s nice to see them after quite some time and glad to know that most of them are coping well and getting by fine. They are nice people though unfortunately we are no longer working together as a team now, and probably would never get back together again. Nonetheless, it is still nice to meet up once in a while. Hopefully the next time I will be able to join in longer and have a proper chat with them.

So, the reason why the weekly update is totally delayed this time is because yesterday I was asked to help out in another good friend’s wedding again. That makes it a 75% rate so far (excluding relatives’ weddings), which I guess is not a small fraction, even though the base size might be small. Yeah well, I don’t expect myself to be attending many dinners (or lunches) from my peers, since I am not exactly close enough to many to begin with, so there shouldn’t be any reason for a majority of these people I know to send me any invitation. Never mind, attending close friends’ big day event is more than sufficient for me since I probably won’t feel the same kind of joy for the others who are much less close or kept in contact.

While this time there are some things which I didn’t have to help out as much (probably due to a much bigger brothers/sisters group), and the schedule is “less eventful” overall, I am still feeling quite tired from it. But I suppose this is mainly due to me and my feeble self which is unable to withstand such “irregularities” in energy requirement. And that’s why I already applied for a day’s leave right from the beginning and it was certainly a good choice on my part, though it may probably seem like a waste to many others. Anyhow, among the brothers are some people whom I have not met since our secondary school days. Not exactly close to them, but I suppose we recognise each other enough to be able to converse without having much awkwardness. However, hearing some of the topics they were discussing about, I realise that we are really now in a different phase of our lives (at least in the “normal route”), and that I am really quite distant from the kind of things they are planning and worrying about. Oh well, I suppose I will be on a different “route” from many of them. We’ll see…

Having 3 experiences now, and each having their own schedule and location, there may be similarities, but at the same time there are also some things which make each occasion different from the others. Well, but those are really in the details. The most important thing is that their day still went well in general, and probably it will be a memorable day for them in a good way (I hope). At this point, I am not really expecting much invitations to go, perhaps maybe another 1 or 2, unless some surprise news drops in sometime down the road. By then, maybe it’s time to see some of their little ones grow up or something. Shrugs.

Anyhow, the past week has been a much more “social” one than what I would go through on a normal basis. In some sense, this “high intensity” change (well, for me it is like a huge anomaly from my usual habits) is not too bad an idea, but perhaps it feels refreshing because it isn’t done regularly and there are things worth looking forward to. Maybe it also makes me realise how important some relationships can be, or rather the thought of truly being left alone in time to come can be somewhat worrying and scary. That said, it is not like I will be going to change myself a whole lot, or at least I don’t foresee myself being able to see through it even if I had the slightest urge to do so. Either way, it has been a relatively fruitful week, and I suppose that provided extra material to be in this week’s lengthy entry. Probably one of the longest entries in this past blog year, or perhaps even the longest for a non-ranting update. Well then, tomorrow is back to work (again) and I have no idea what lies ahead. The rest of the week has its entries scheduled, so I suppose I won’t be returning to little space until the coming weekend I suppose. And oh, I need to catch up a bit on my writing backlog again. =P See you next week, or rather, at the end of this week if nothing goes wrong.




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