Mirai Nikki

12 02 2016

Japanese title: 未来日記
Number of episodes: 26

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN
3) Official Site (Japanese)

It was one of the more talked about/mentioned series during its season of airing and it also had a live action drama TV series shortly after the anime series began airing. It did seem to be a rather promising series hence I picked it up, although I only began watching some weeks after its airing ended. It’s already considered pretty fast by my standards.

For those who can figure out the words in the picture above might already know that the story would definitely have important relations to the concept of a ‘future diary’. True enough, the existence and use of diaries is of key importance in this story. It turns out to be some sort of ‘game’ that a selected group of people have been invited to join and the rules of the game are explained early on. However, not all participants are revealed at the very start. Well, there is some fun and suspense in not knowing everything from the start, as each of them have their own diaries, be it in a digital form where they access through their mobile phone, or on written material. Besides possessing different forms, their capabilities are different hence not knowing everyone’s abilities is not only good for people to be able to follow with the story fairly easily and also to wonder what the others are up to.

There is a fair amount of violence, and that’s to be expected after knowing the kinds of people who are part of the selected group as well as some of the rules ‘governing’ this game. Of course, it ain’t all that graphic, especially if you are watching the TV aired version. Not sure if the Blu-ray/DVD releases will have any special ‘uncensored’ stuff, but the version I watched is the TV version. There are also other suggestive themes but as usual it won’t go above the usual standards/limits of the TV airing for those of you who are slightly more familiar with the practices of Japanese television.

Story wise, most of it was indeed quite enjoyable but when all the alternate worlds, time travelling, world travelling came into the picture it was not so fun anymore, at least for me. Certainly, it provided a means to reach a conclusion to the current situation but the implications and possibilities that come along with this introduction can make things complicated if one decides to think about it further. Apart from that, I suppose the ending isn’t bad and at least it provides some kind of resolution to the series that began to feel a little draggy towards the later episodes.

Overall, the series performed fairly well although there are some parts where the game could have obviously drastically different changes but due to the (unexpected?) actions of some of the participants which often resulted in somewhat favourable developments for the main characters. Nothing too unusual to me by now actually. Still a fairly good watch in my opinion nonetheless.




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