Monkey Business

7 02 2016

Hello~ it’s been a week (again), so it is time for me to bore you with another update. This weekend is less of a rush in comparison, since it is a long weekend thanks to the festive holidays coming over the next couple of days where I don’t have to go to work, so I suppose my mood now is comparatively better than usual. Actually, the title is probably badly named, but heck I don’t really care so much about it anymore. Lol.

Let’s see, I shall start with the usual, which is to talk about work. Hmm, I would say that things aren’t exactly progressing as I thought they would, and with quite a number of people clearing leave and going home for at least a week on average, I don’t suppose the progress will be too significant in the coming week. That said, it is not like I will have nothing to do. In fact, I probably have a task to clear which will probably cause me quite some pain and efforts, but hopefully the requirements on that is more flexible and I will have sufficient time and opportunity to figure things out without hurting myself too much. If successful, I guess the good thing is that I would have learned something new from it (based on my projection currently).

Speaking of the crowd going back home, it really shows a lot in terms of the queues during lunch time, and also the amount of food I could get from the catered lunch on the last working day prior to this long weekend. In comparison with a similar treatment end last year during the festive period, the amount of food I could get access to is simply a huge difference. Oh well, at least I had a nice meal that day so I suppose it offset some unhappiness which built up over the week.

Now with the long weekend, I suppose I will be able to clear a little more backlog than the usual weekend, though I haven’t cleared enough fighting game video entries just yet to last the entire week so I am not sure how that would work out. Anyhow, I intend to relax as much as I can during these few days so I probably won’t go the extra mile to clear stuff. I will just do as I wish =P So, we shall see what will appear over the coming week. Well then, I suppose it is back to chill time until it is time to fulfill some obligatory visit a couple days later. Hope everyone will have a good weekend, and the year ahead to be a healthy and prosperous one for all. Cheers~




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