Bleach Movie 4

28 01 2016

Full title: Bleach movie 4: Hell Chapter
Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN
3) Official Site (Japanese)

The 4th movie in under this franchise, to be honest I was not expecting too much from it even though during the time it was being promoted, the trailers look somewhat promising since it appears to have some relation of some sort to the main story shown back then. Not surprisingly, the trailers are made to look good so that people go to theaters in Japan to watch.

The story looked really weak to me. Yeah sure, there is motivation to do whatever is done in the movie, but at the end of the day it doesn’t seem all that impressive, especially with the abilities of the enemies and all. Somehow it looked disappointing and kind of lacklustre (unless I have been sleeping through the movie). Of course, there is the usual fan-service with most of the popular characters at least appearing and doing some talking though this time round I would say it is more ‘toned down’ as most of the action really do only come from a small, core group.

Animation wise, it feels as though this movie had some kind of limited budget, or had insufficient time to complete everything. In one of the ‘layers’ (what do you call those?) of hell, the animation quality is really ‘mindblowing’. Perhaps the design is really as such, but it really looks very unpolished especially with the colour schemes used. While I am not much of a graphic/animation designer, those scenes did look rather unsightly especially when comparing to other works in recent times.

With the main TV series having ended, I am guessing this is probably the last of the movies too, unless they intend to keep the title ‘alive’ until the TV series can make a comeback with the new manga arc some time in the future. Even if there are new movie(s), I am not holding too high hopes for those. Lol.




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