On The Verge

24 01 2016

The weekend has passed by pretty quickly, after all that getting through the work week. Sigh, I guess it’s really a matter of how much you like doing the things during the time. Anyhow, here I am for another weekly update, though I am not exactly feeling very well since last night. I hope it doesn’t become anything worse. After all, falling ill is worse than going through work. Heh.

Never mind that, let’s start with my past work week. Let’s see, things are getting busier, yet not so busy at the same time. Sounds confusing? Yeah well, there are some changes here and there to be made, which kind of affected/halted my work progress, and at the same time, some other features are halfway there yet halfway not there, making it difficult to test them properly as well. So it’s like bits and pieces here and there so I am not sure how long it will take to wrap it up later on, which I am practically being asked every day. Come on, I can’t forecast on things which I haven’t received yet. Lol, if I could, I might as well change profession to one which I can capitalise that ability better.

In other better work related news, I had my annual review done completely and the result is mostly satisfactory. After all, there are many other brilliant and more hardworking staff around, so it is only expected that I got what I got. That said, I also find some of the benchmarks and ranges a bit questionable, in the sense of ensuring overall satisfaction across the staff members. Well, since I am pretty bad at managing and leading people, I could be wrong in this aspect, but I think it is probably not a good thing for a certain group of people. A group that you would rather not risk losing. Ah well, I don’t know who exactly belongs to that group anyway so I can’t really sit around and observe how things unfold which means I can’t evaluate whether my thinking is correct. Perhaps if there are changes made in the next review, that could provide me some clues (though not definitive) as to how my thoughts worked out.

Tried clearing a bunch of backlog stuff yesterday, but I may have overdone it since I felt kind of odd last night. Not sure if entirely related, but I believe it has some influence or something. Perhaps it is a sign that I really ought to put in some effort into making myself better overall, physically. Hohoho, knowing the lazy me, I’ll probably end up not doing much (read: anything) about it. Heh. Anyhow, the coming week will not have any video games entry. Those will be back in Feb, I hope.

Well then, I suppose that’s all for this week. My mind isn’t exactly working very well and I realise that what I have written may be rather jumbled and messed up. I guess I need more rest and hopefully I will be back to normal in time. See you next time! Take care and enjoy you weekend too.




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