Exhausted and Drained

17 01 2016

Well then, it is time for another weekly update and this time I am less late than the previous week. That said, it still means I am late this week, even if it is only by a slight margin. Lol. I’m still feeling rather tired and all despite sleeping much more this weekend as compared to work days and even the previous weekend. I guess work is sort of taking a toll on me? Shrugs.

Anyhow, as usual, let’s start with work stuff. Thanks to some request to finish testing for a platform, the past week was really busy trying to clear the major feature. To be honest, the timeline is kind of tight and the other more “minor” features are either still testing in progress or even untouched at the moment. Well, who ask the major feature to be changed so drastically it is almost like testing as if it was the first phase of development. Lol, oh well at least I have already put in my efforts at work, arguably more than any average week. In that sense, I suppose I needn’t feel guilty or anything.

In other work matters, it appears that the yearly dialogue session turned out to be fairly positive for me, something I wasn’t entirely expecting even though I knew I have improved since the first calendar year of my joining. Hopefully that translates to something concrete instead of just some beautiful words, like I have heard somewhere previously. After all, the ones deciding that and the ones reviewing my work are actually people from different departments. I will probably find out in a couple of weeks or so. Haha.

For backlog clearing, I suppose this week hasn’t been exactly very smooth. For one, work has been busier this week which translates to less time and energy on weekdays. Heck, even during these couple of days it is slower than usual but I suppose there is still some sort of progress and whatnot. Haha. Judging from my progress in recent weeks since the year started, I suppose the week after this will see myself ‘taking a break’ from video games entries unless something crops up which I think is unlikely. Those stuff will probably pick up pace in Feb when a new game hits the stores and many people will surely be swarming to dish out videos, of course I will not be one of the contributors. Lol. Hmm, I suppose there really isn’t much to write about this time round, especially when my mind isn’t exactly thinking very much. See you next week, hopefully.




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