Fast Weekend

10 01 2016

It’s only the 2nd weekly update of the calendar year and guess what, I’m late to publish this again! Lol, well not exactly a huge surprise to me actually. Also, it feels that the weekend has gone by so darn quickly when the work days felt really quite long on a number of occasions. I guess it is the ‘mind effect’ of time passing much faster when you are relaxing and having fun, especially after a relatively hectic week. Then again, I suppose there are some workaholics who derive joy from working so what I’m feeling may not actually be that universal.

Anyhow, as mentioned, the past week has been pretty busy. Now that a ‘prototype’ is ready for testing, it marks the beginning of a huge testing effort. After all, it is pretty much an overhaul of a big feature, and at the same time, a core feature of the app so much effort will definitely be required to test it. That said, ensuring that the key logic and functions work probably won’t take as much time, but the amount of details and possibilities (if you can call it that) will be the areas which will cost a lot of effort and time. Given the always idealistic schedule of the project, I am afraid that some of the minor details may not have sufficient time to be covered properly and to be honest, it is not exactly a good thing especially when the app is meant for the vast public to use.

Despite having already spent more than a year on the same project, there are still things to be learned from time to time, not so much about the details of the project, but rather some experiences which can sort of only be experienced as a project “matures” and some things shift focus etc. Perhaps this is more of looking at different sides of how a project can become, and the kind of role I play as it changes. Or maybe I am just overthinking some parts sometimes. Lol, either way, I hope the work I have done the past year has gone appreciated somewhat though I don’t really hear much feedback about that. Maybe I will know the ‘answer’ when my turn for my review finally comes, which I still have no idea when it would happen though there are many others who have already had theirs. Oh well, nothing much I can do about that so in the meantime I suppose it is just focusing on testing that time-consuming key feature before moving on to the other smaller features which have not been tested at all. Lol.

The weekend so far has been quite enjoyable for me. Not that it is very different from most other weekends, I suppose the stark contrast to how I could indulge myself these past 2 days as opposed to some of the things I had to deal with during the week is a much more joyous thing for me. Lol, after all this time I guess I am still nowhere near being somewhat enthusiastic about working in general. The slacker nature in me is too strong =P So yeah, played some games, watched some shows, cleared some backlog… the usual stuff from me over the weekend. Yup, the week ahead also has its entries already published, so that’s that. Time for me to continue enjoying the remaining hours of the weekend and I hope the coming week will not be as harsh and hectic (wishful thinking?).




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