Happy Holidays

27 12 2015

It is another long weekend for me, though this time there was no need for me to take my own leave since it is the Xmas weekend. Hehe, needless to say, long weekends are most welcomed and I suppose I am enjoying the most of it. Also, this would be the final update of the year, so the next time you see me will be in 2016. This also marks the final time I am ‘early’ for updates this year as well.

As with most other entries, let’s start with work related stuff. It is more tying loose ends and preparing for the next version so I would say it is not too bad. Moreover, there is some holiday mood around with some people clearing leave and even more noticeable from taking public transport. I guess it is quite a popular time to go on a holiday or take a break etc. There was also early dismissal on the eve of Xmas so that made it even better. Sadly, I joined the queue kind of late thus I couldn’t really save money on lunch because the amount of food I could get access to is just quite pathetic. Quite a disappointment really. I thought they would have catered more food. Bleah.

Oh well, having a long weekend is the one that I really enjoy, and I suppose I have managed to clear quite a big bulk of backlog entries though I have somehow built up a few more along the way. Not sure if I will get inspiration to blog more later in the day, but I shall try to clear all of them instead of rolling them over to the following year (I will still count under 2015 though. Correct as of completion of watching, not writing). Also bought a few steam games, I guess I could treat it as presents to myself though I wonder when I will actually finish my game backlog. This is by far my slowest clearing backlog among everything, so good luck to me on that.

Hmm, come to think of it, there isn’t really much to update about since I am mostly enjoying myself over the long weekend. The coming week will also have another long weekend so it is something to look forward to, though I don’t have any New Year countdown plans like many others do. Oh well, I am contented with chilling and relaxing at home, so that’s mostly fine with me. Take care and enjoy the remaining hours of the long weekend. I shall do my best to make the most out of it too. See ya next week, and next year.




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