Star Wars: The Force Awakens

18 12 2015


Rating: PG
Running time: 135 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) IMDB Profile
3) MovieMistakes Profile
4) Official Site (English)

So, this is probably the movie which has the most publicity this year, and for sure, many people have been waiting for it until their necks are probably way long. Anyhow, this is the beginning of a new trilogy it seems, and it has been a while since I last anything related to it so to be honest, many details are now foggy and all. Thanks to a complimentary ticket from my company, I was able to catch it early which otherwise there is a high chance where I won’t be watching it in theatres anyway.

Hmm, I will probably not mention too much about the plot, but since this is a new beginning for a brand new trilogy, it is only natural that many things have to be put into place here, with new characters appearing and whatnot. Yeah, it took quite a while before things got sorted out but at the same time I found it to be rather slow paced for a number of parts which isn’t exactly the most interesting to sit through.

I am definitely not a big fan or anything, but even I could tell some of the references in terms of trying to recreate some of the familiarity in terms of presentation and style in some of the older movies. I suppose those who are really into it can probably spot more of such scenarios but even if you are a newcomer to this whole movie franchise thing, you won’t be lost trying to watch this. After all, I already expected it to be ‘accommodating’ towards people who are actually going to experience this series for the very first time.

Not that it is a bad movie or anything, but it didn’t really catch me that much. I understand the need of having to lay groundwork for the new trilogy and it probably has a sufficient foundation to expand on the storyline into something much more interesting but it all depends on how the next movie’s script will be written. Personally, I think the next movie has a much better potential after some of the ‘hard work’ has been done here. Nonetheless, it is still a fairly decent blockbuster this holiday season. My take: 6.5/10

p.s. I hope the above doesn’t constitute as much of a spoiler, if any.




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