Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1419

14 12 2015

The next bunch of entries in this series will be all about the Capcom Pro Tour finals which was held not too long ago. Normally, I only view the top 8 matches from their other tournaments, but this is a showdown among the top 32 players who have made it through the entire year’s tournaments. So yeah, expect a lot of matches to come. Most likely, it will spread till the following week, so for those who want to view all, head over to the official Capcom Fighters YouTube channel to grab a look.

RZR Fuudo vs CCG Humanbomb

Dark Jiewa vs MCZ Mago

RZR Xian vs Valmaster

Itabashi Zangief vs R/kappa Poongko

RZR Infiltration vs Qanba Douyu Dakou

EG Justin Wong vs MF Tonpy

Nemo vs YBK Dashio

AVM Gamerbee vs RZR Gackt

EG Momochi vs RZR RB

Keoma vs RB Snake Eyez




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