Late Appearance

13 12 2015

Woops, now it’s actually only a couple of hours before the next day arrives, yet I am only blogging this now. Well, in the afternoon I spent some time clearing and moving some stuff so that took off a few hours and I was also preparing the entries for the rest of the week though I haven’t scheduled them just yet. Will do so shortly after wrapping up this entry.

So, let’s start with some work updates. Let’s see, this week marks the first week where the senior (or veteran QA) has gone on a long holiday break and so I guess I will become the ‘main’ contact point for related matters for the time being. On top of that, the first 2 days I was basically ‘solo-ing’ because the newcomer (well, ok la 1.5 month already) was also on leave. It was certainly no fun those 2 days since it is basically just clearing task after task. Lol, well, I did manage to get through those days eventually and it was slightly better the next few days though there were still sufficient stuff to keep me fully occupied.

I also managed to survive through an internal presentation though I am not sure if I would actually end up making some ‘enemies’ or making my life more difficult, but I guess if it leads to a better process or conclusion, it should be worth it I suppose. That said, judging from the number of people present in the team and the frequency of these sharing sessions, it looks like I might have to deal with another one in a couple of months’ time. Oh well, I guess I will somehow try to think of a topic when the time comes :\

In non-work matters, it seems that I have really been neglecting my backlog and all in recent times. Some of my entry draft backlog are left undone for a few weeks now and I might have actually forgotten some of the ‘important’ points which I might have thought of back then. Haha, I shall see what happens when I finally get down to writing them. Hmm, perhaps I should drop a game or two which inevitably takes up some time here and there. Or I should watch less variety shows but I think those really give me quite a good amount of joy and entertainment which really helps to get me through the week somehow. Perhaps my ‘metagame’ will change in the coming year, so we shall see. At most I will just blog less and the reserves will eventually deplete. =p

Well then, the coming week should be fairly ‘relaxing’, since there’s a company event on Wednesday and a movie screening on Thursday (for this, I suppose we can leave office earlier). Most importantly, I will be on leave on Friday. Haha, I just hope I won’t get ‘bad aftermath’ from attending the outdoor activity at Sentosa. Seems like last year didn’t work out too well after that. Anyhow, next week’s entry should have some ‘content’ to write about without having me to think about it, so I shall see you then. Take care and try to enjoy your week!




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