11 12 2015

Japanese title: ブリーチ
Number of episodes: 366

Some info:
1) ANN
2) Wikipedia
3) Official Site (Japanese)

This has got to be the longest series on my blog so far, if you exclude those with multiple seasons or are still airing at the moment. I didn’t quite expect the anime series to end but I guess it has caught up to the manga a tad too fast and the amount of time needed before the anime can resume the main storyline is unknown so I guess they have adopted not to have possibly years of  fillers unlike a certain other title.

Apart from the fillers, the anime pretty much followed the manga I think, or at least from the portions I have read from. The original storyline has been fun to watch, especially all the fights with all the animated effects. The fillers, if require a longer period of time for the manga to ‘take the lead’, usually have some form of arc or mini-arc so it is less boring. But fillers, are in the end, just fillers so sometimes it can get a tad draggy and boring, knowing that it will eventually be wrapped up in such a way that it would not affect the main storyline.

Bleach started off with a 4:3 resolution and eventually switched over to the widescreen version since episode 168. That just shows how long this series has aired such that it also became part of the aspect ratio transition that happened in Japan quite a few years back. After getting used to widescreen resolution, it does seem somewhat better, though during the transition phase and some flashbacks required there will be this black borders at the side to main the correct sizing. Lol.

But I still feel that it is weird where the anime ended. It may be a good point to end since it reached the conclusion of a certain arc, but there are still many mysteries yet to be explained fully. I am not sure if there will be a second season when the final manga arc has progressed much further or nearing its end. I certainly wouldn’t mind a 2nd season to feature the new arc though. We shall see how things go then.




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