Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1416

8 12 2015

KOF XIV Playstation Experience trailer. So it looks like the rumours of a huge roster are true, and a couple more characters getting some gameplay glimpses here, or at least making an official appearance. The graphics will probably still be an issue for contention even when the final product delivers I suppose, since the huge roster is probably going to cost some drop in overall quality as compared to some of the previous works in the series. Nonetheless, I hope it turns out good, though I still have no plans of getting a PS4 anytime soon.

A bunch of KOF XIV gameplay videos from the same event. Gameplay wise, it looks pretty decent at the moment, though I still can’t quite grasp the mechanics fully just yet (yeah, I’m slow). Considering many improvements can still be made till the final release, it might still be pretty good gameplay wise.

KOF XIII Kyo combos by Dark Chaotix

Street Fighter V F.A.N.G trailer. Man, this character is going to give me a ‘hard time’ when his combo videos start coming out in the not so distant future.

P4U2 Akihiko combo video by persona

USF4 Omega mode combo video by izumojin. Wow, some impressive stuff in here. Making a fun mode look awesome.

Blade Arcus Sonia combos by wauhti

Guilty Gear Xrd Millia combo clip by Bboy_duck




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