Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1415

7 12 2015

Whole set of USF4 top 8 matches from Dreamhack Winter 2015. I think this was the last official stop before the final showdown which would have already ended by the time you see this entry anyway. Lol.

MD Luffy vs Keoma

CCG Humanbomb vs MD Luffy

BX3TPL Phenom vs Rize Infexious

MD Luffy vs Rize Infexious

KIG Problem X vs UM RMZ

CCG Humanbomb vs RZR Xian

CCG Humanbomb vs UM RMZ

RZR Xian vs BX3TPL Phenom

BX3TPL Phenom vs MD Luffy

RZR Xian vs MD Luffy




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