Emotional Times?

6 12 2015

Well then, it is time for another weekly update and I am quite late again. Yup, procrastination had a part to play though I was clearing other stuff like scheduling entries for the rest of the week etc before actually starting on this. Also, yesterday I attended another wedding dinner, so that’s one less good buddy in the bachelor’s list.

Actually, I intended to attend his ROM ceremony prior to the dinner but due to the sudden extremely heavy downpour I decided against taking a bus which will definitely cause much ‘damage’ to my attire even when equipped with a proper umbrella. Turns out that was a bad decision as taxis were pretty much un-catchable. Most were either hired, on call, busy or were on change shift to an area not in the direction I was heading. But I suppose the worst part is that empty taxis with no on-call sign or anything like that also refuse to pick us up. I mean, I can’t understand the rationale since it’s not like I’m lugging huge stuff, bringing pets or in some cases I heard, having handicapped person(s) with me.

I also did try to call for a cab but was treated with a disconnection/hang up on their end. Prior to this, I thought calling in to a telco hotline was probably the worst, but I suppose I was proven wrong. While this may be an isolated case due to it being a weekend, also supposedly the 2nd most popular date for wedding dinners this year, plus the sudden weather change, I can imagine that ‘normal’ service standards can’t be that good either. As such, it is no surprise that ‘alternative’ systems and companies are gaining ground steadily and having some good responses. From what I understand, those try to simulate the supply and demand situation better and thus provides additional ‘incentives’ for the drivers to get to clearing the waiting customers. Oh well, it was probably too much of a hassle and time consuming to do last minute download and sign up so I never did try those services. Perhaps next time I should prepare that in advance should I tinker with the thought of grabbing a cab last minute in a place where it is not really ‘guaranteed’.

Oh well, I am actually quite disappointed that I couldn’t attend the ceremony even though it’s probably not really the biggest of deals around. I guess a part of me really wanted to be there for my good friend’s important milestone in his life journey, and perhaps one of the last few chances where I actually get to do so as they move on to the next phase in life which will inevitably reduce the time and opportunities we get together. For some, it might be even that I will hardly get to meet them since it will be physically far away to do so. Sure, we all could get webcams and communicate but I realise that it is a different feeling meeting up face to face and doing so via virtual means be it textually or visually.

Since it was also the first wedding dinner of my friend’s which I could just sit down and not do anything to help out, so it was a good opportunity to catch up with a couple of friends who are there to attend too. Since there wasn’t really a good opportunity to sit down with their while they are back in the country for a limited time, it was pretty much a good session for us to catch up. Through the conversation, I realise that we have indeed come quite a long way since back then, and we have probably grown up quite a bit in terms of the way we think, how we would plan for our futures in our own ways though they are probably way better than me in those aspects. I’m still pretty much immature in these ways. Nonetheless, it’s good to know my friends are doing well in their own ways, heading into the future with their own plans. I suppose it is comforting as well, even though we don’t really have many opportunities to catch up like this, and I foresee that to ‘worsen’ in time to come with my own sense of prediction. Hopefully, I will truly be all right once I am pretty much ‘left alone’ when the time comes.

Well then, I could go on more about these stuff but I think that’s probably enough since I realise it is already quite long. I suppose I should cover a bit of work related stuff. The week has been basically spent clearing misc tasks here and there to try to wrap up another phase of development and I must say it didn’t exactly go very well. Some people supposedly made changes to the environments and it became rather unstable, which naturally makes my work hard since I couldn’t even operate on normal activities, much less cover the specific things which was my goal anyway. Oh well, so I focused on preparing other stuff in the end after I kind of ‘gave up’ and decided that the productivity of sticking to it to be not worth it. That includes the evaluation form which needed to be completed, and started preparing for my presentation this coming week which is still far from complete and I am really bad at making one. Lol, the coming week also marks the beginning of the other colleague going on a long leave break, presumably going back to hometown and stuff so I suppose it’s good luck to me when it comes to handling the stuff since I will likely become the first point of contact of sorts instead of the veteran guy. I just hope the coming days will be relatively peaceful. I like peaceful days =P

On the end of clearing my backlog, I haven’t been working much at it really and I am rather ‘ashamed’ by that. Lol, I guess it is part of me taking it at my own pace and all, though I could really go work at it by not doing other things. I suppose the motivation to clear them isn’t so high since my reserves are more than enough to cover for it for quite a long time to come. Well then, I think this entry has been a long one, also possibly one of the longest this year since I seldom write beyond 1,000 words these days. Yeah… It’s quite late now and not much time left for the weekend, so I’m going to enjoy myself for whatever’s left and I shall see you again next week. Don’t go expecting such a lengthy entry unless something exceptional happens. =P




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