Shin Prince of Tennis

5 12 2015

Japanese title: 新テニスの王子様
Number of episodes: 13

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN
3) Official Site (Japanese)

When I knew that there will be a new animated season for New Prince of Tennis, it kind of puzzled me because the manga was releasing at a pretty slow pace, starting with like 2 chapters per month or something and then varying here and there that I have given up keep tracking what’s the current release rate, but it’s one update per month from my trusted source of scanlations. At that point of announcement the manga hadn’t progressed much so I was well prepared for the anime series to either end prematurely, or going to have super draggy progress + lots of fillers.

Turns out the production team selected the first option and this is a really short 13 episodes. But if anything, they chose to end at a point that’s not so cliffhanger-ish. Though it’s really obvious there’s still more plot to come. Either way it beats dragging it out in a futile attempt for the manga to provide enough material or having loads of fillers that won’t help anyway. Also, the series was covering manga chapters rather quickly in a single episode (relatively short manga chapters also ‘helped’ this trend) and that was apparent from the first episode. So no surprise that the series had to be made short.

For those who don’t read the manga, in this new story of Prince of Tennis, things get more… exaggerated, as you might have anticipated. Middle schoolers having power levels that probably steamroll any known world class tennis player we have in reality, assuming it is even humanly possible to perform the feats =P Lol, but I guess that’s the only way to go, since your important characters *have to* become stronger as they grow older and better with their techniques. Haha, okay it’s still some fun entertainment for me.

With the early ending of the animated series, I will have to go back to imagining the ‘battle scenes’ until they decide to produce a sequel for the anime version. Yeah well, those sequences are still nicer to watch in animation though there are still many ‘still frames’ in the anime. Lol, I wonder where the story will head next.




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