Feeling Crappy

15 11 2015

Well then, seems like it is time for another entry. It certainly doesn’t feel like a week has gone by. I guess that’s the side effects of being ill and all. Yeah, that’s right, I’m still ill after a few weeks and it is anything but enjoyable even though you might think it’s awesome being able to miss work and all.

While I may not be anywhere near an enthusiastic worker, being ill for such an extended period of time is far worse than having to fulfill work obligations. And of course, missing more days of work after already missing many days is something I feel bad about, though it’s not like it is within my control. After all, having thick mucus/phelgm annoying nose/throat areas all day long isn’t fun at all and it does affect many things that I would have wished to do but can’t really do so. Not to mention the tendency to want to sleep which causes problems like sleep cycle disruptions and all. Considering I have a rather important task (non-work though) in about 2 weeks’ time, I would really hope that I recover some time before that so that I still have some leftover period to get up to condition.

That said, I still did report for work for a few days, and to be honest I could feel my condition getting worse over the days. Despite so, I tried my best to contribute whatever I could while I was there, but I know it is still somewhat below my usual standards anyway. After missing so much work, it is inevitable that I am relatively lost at the project’s progress, or what details have been changed/altered which I should take note of. Anyhow, I think the more important thing for me right now is to recover properly. Worrying about work can come later. After all, there are many capable colleagues around anyway.

Well then, I will try to rest more and recover. Wish me luck in my road to recovery. The road this time seems really roundabout and long. I still don’t see the end in sight yet. Sigh… Take care and I hope to see you in a better condition next week.




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