Backdating Required

1 11 2015

For those who know, I have been rather ill lately. In fact, I still am as I am writing this but decided to quickly come up with something and chuck it back to a time when it should belong. Of course, it would also get an item off my mind or subconsciousness as much as I have tried not thinking about it. Yeah, so this time me being late for my weekly update is not so much of a laze issue but I was really not in the condition to be doing so then.

While I am not near full recovery just yet, I suppose the worst part(s) are over and now I should be on the road to recovery though I am not sure how going back to work will affect this recovery path since the past week I have mostly been trying to rest or just stoning in some corner because I couldn’t really sleep due to the illness bothering me or just too tired to be trying to do anything. That said, I still try to message some friends via my mobile to rant and whine a bit since it can be quite painful trying to overcome the sickness especially when the medication didn’t seem to have much effect initially.

As such, there really isn’t very much for me to talk about for work and other stuff for the past week since I was mostly out of action. Yeah, as much as I had wanted to do more recreational activities while trying to recover, my energy levels were somehow drained out quite badly so there wasn’t much of that either. In fact, I think I probably just had a week of lowest keystroke activity in years. That also means my entry backlog remains untouched. Thankfully before I really fell ill I already prepared this week’s entries which is why you see it running even though I have pretty much been MIA from the Internet presence.

Tomorrow I will be going back to work since I am not exactly that sick to go see the doctor again, unless it turns for the worse shortly when I go to bed. Then again, I also have not tried focusing on doing anything for a long period of time this past week, much less something like working. I don’t care if I work slow, I just hope I don’t get worse after attending a day’s work. It is really a horrible feeling being ill this past week. As much as I don’t welcome the idea of working, it beats being ill anytime. So I stress again, please take good care of yourselves. Hopefully I will be well enough to give you some update ‘promptly’ this week. See ya.




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