Strangely Tired

25 10 2015

Hah, I’m late for this week’s update again, but this time it is not like I’m feeling unwell like the previous week. The strange thing is, I am feeling kind of lethargic even though the past week wasn’t particularly harsh or anything. Perhaps I haven’t been getting sufficient quality sleep the past few days. Hmm, not sure why since I am not exactly being bothered by anything serious. Maybe it is an indication for something else huh…

Work wise, it is still rather peaceful so far. I suppose having an additional colleague helps and also that the deadline for the next release hasn’t been decided yet so the rush and last minute changes have not yet flooded in. Yeah, it’s like the same cycle over and over again, but getting used to it isn’t exactly a good thing since that’s not really healthy for the project especially when I see people getting rather annoyed and frustrated during those times (including myself? lol).

With the recent Street Fighter V beta 2nd phase, there have been quite a number of videos lurking around, so I suppose for the time being there should be enough contents to fill up entries as long as I manage to clear them though I think the coming week’s entries are not so much on those since some of it were from the week before. Ah well, I probably won’t have the chance to try it out again and nope, I’m not going to pre-order it on Steam. Then again, I will most likely end up being a ‘spectator’ even if I did own the game so I might as well just stick to videos lurking around and all.

Lol, talking about being tired, I actually went to take a nap while writing this entry which is like the first of its kind since I have started blogging I suppose. Hmm, wonder what’s wrong with me really. Hope it’s nothing serious really. The coming week will be a full working week unlike the one which just passed so it would probably be a bad idea if this mysterious fatigue carries on. Ah well, the only way is probably to embrace it and see what happens. In the meantime, I should spend the rest of the weekend in leisure and peace. Take care, the haze has been pretty bad these days.




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