Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann The Movie: Guren-hen

21 10 2015

English title: Gurren Lagann the Movie -Childhood`s End-

Some info:
1) ANN
2) Wikipedia
3) Official Site (Japanese)

A 2 part remake/retelling of the TV series that aired a few years back, the first movie not surprisingly covers the first arc of the story presented to us. Since it has been a while since I last watched the main series, I did forget some of the details and through watching the movie some memories started coming back to me.

However, as you might suspect, being only a movie length and having to cover an arc of the series, it is bound to have many things ‘fast forwarded’ or heavily summarised so we can move on to more developments of the story. I don’t recall how many episodes this arc took in the anime series, but it certainly took more than 2 hours worth of time.

While it is good that some things are fast forwarded, I felt that there are some important and milestone events that took place in the portions that were glossed over quickly. If one had not watched the TV series before, I think the jump and progress might be too great a gap for new viewers to follow properly. With that said, the spirit of the show (or based on what I can remember) is pretty much retained and the same kind of fun is still present here.

Of course, the first arc is only half the story told (not exactly half, but you get the idea) and the sequel movie will as expectedly cover the 2nd arc of the story. Not sure if this remake is all that good, but personally I feel the original series was a better watch.




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