Search Terms Volume #37

5 10 2015

Before I start, I honestly forgot about this when I scheduled previous week’s entries, but it’s ok, I remembered to do it ‘punctually’, so it’s just another thing in the schedule queue for this.

Ah, looks like I forgot to save the previous quarter’s country stats so that I can continue with this quarter’s country distribution. Ack, being the lazy me, I guess I’ll ‘downgrade’ to having a yearly country stats at the end of this year. If I remember the following year, I guess I will dissect it properly. =D Or maybe, by then I will be giving up on this series since I see the deteriorating ‘content’ available to put here, or make it a half yearly or yearly thing =P. Anyway, let’s move on to the real part.

1. psle maths too difficult
hard psle math questions
Hmm, guess it’s that time of the year for this to be floating around.

2. nsp tampines vote outcome

Never thought this would make it to my blog, seriously.

3. (2²+6³)/11*20=??

I still can’t understand why people search for these and land on my blog.

As you can see, there’s hardly anything interesting anymore. Yeah, these are already the more interesting ones from what WordPress is giving me. Anyhow, it will be back to normal routine soon enough so just hang in there.




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