And so it continues…

4 10 2015

Well then, it is time for another weekly update and once again I am late =D Haha, it is so much easier to be late than be on time when it comes to doing these though I try to make sure I don’t commit the same mistake when it comes to some other things. Actually, I have some things to rant about but hopefully I will keep it under control and not sound overly raged. We’ll see how it goes then. Heh.

Work wise, it was pretty peaceful like recent times until someone (or some people?) decides to revert to the old ways where last minute new features and requests flood in, and it had to be like 1 day before the supposed submission date. While I have to admit some colleagues are brilliant with their work, under such time pressure and without time to digest and comprehend the (unstated) requirements, there are bound to be ‘flaws’ and areas which have not been considered and indeed that is pretty much the case after I did my part in checking and seeing how it actually looks, feels and fits in. Ah well, I felt that I have already done my part and raised relevant concerns about such last minute changes before on a number of occasions, and I have also reported the issues I have found with the current implementations so I suppose I don’t really have much to feel guilty about other than me not being as hardworking and brilliant as some of the other staff members. Heh, I suppose there will be more work to deal with this coming week considering the inadequate ‘tidiness’ which was intended. Not going to be a nice week ahead I suppose, but hopefully I will still have some control over my own actions =P

Let’s see, next week will see the return of some fighting game videos and I am pretty much done with drama entries from 2012 reserves though there are other categories which have not been posted yet. I guess I will be slowly publishing them as I am still pretty slow in clearing videos in order to stock up sufficiently for each week, unless there’s some interesting surge of videos to come soon. Ah well, time will tell how it will go for the rest of the year but it looks like I will soon have 3 years worth of reserves soon enough (2013, 2014, 2015). Haha, that translates to my blog will be able to survive for quite some time I guess, as long as I bother to schedule entries even when the time comes that I don’t bother to blog at all anymore.

Well then, there aren’t many hours left in the weekend now, so I guess I shall be taking my leave here and go play some games or watch some episodes or something. See you next week hopefully. Take care and drink more water – the weather isn’t being very friendly these days.




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