30 09 2015


Number of episodes: 8

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

Another mystery based drama, this one turned out to be a fairly short series in terms of number of episodes, something which I did not expect considering the duo actors picked for the show are supposed to like ensure a certain level of popularity. After watching the series, I suppose I can understand partially why the response from the audience isn’t all that great.

First, the character design of our leads are not so awesome, particularly the one played by Yamapi. I can understand what the production team wanted to do, but I felt that it was overdone and made it more repulsive than I think it would actually attract viewership, particularly of the female crowd. The main lead is more stable in comparison, but in the end still lacks depth partly because the main character development chose not to delve too much into this one. Oh well.

Anyway, since it is a mystery drama, the various cases are going to be of high importance since the bulk of the show would be on the cases and their investigation. On the whole, I would say the cases are not so bad. While certainly not the most intriguing of cases, most of the deduction and investigation remains logical/acceptable. Sometimes there are misleading clues but after a while one can quite confidently guess which are the clues that are really helpful etc. The criminals usually happen to leave behind 1 or 2 flaws which prove to be fatal once uncovered and they can be really simple things. I’m not sure if it is to portray that when committing a crime, even a brilliant criminal with a planned out scenario will likely to overlook something small or simple but very important to solving a crime. Of course, sometimes they ‘lost’ because of the extra ‘good luck’ the investigators have in intercepting conclusive evidence.

In the end, I couldn’t really appreciate the meaning of the title of the drama. While there seems to be *some* attempt at saying what it is, somehow it does not seem all that convincing to me. Judging from the not so spectacular ratings of the show, I doubt there would be any further media on this to further explain anything that was not shown. I wonder if I was wrong in expecting something (much?) better for this show. Oh well, at least their single for the theme song did fairly well, according to some J entertainment site I saw.




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