Nice Guy

28 09 2015

Korean title: 착한남자
Number of episodes: 20

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Korean)

This year (time of draft) is certainly a year of unusual picks by me. I thought I wouldn’t be watching KDramas again, but evidently I have watched one just not too long ago (again, based on time of draft). As I have not watched any KDrama in a long time, of course I wouldn’t know how this fares against the usual fare offered. However, I do know that this show received pretty good ratings during its time of airing and seems like many netizens expressed positive remarks for this.

Starting from the not so nice points, there are certainly some of those ‘common traits’ of KDramas that have been made fun of in some of the other shows I have watched but at least I think over here it is not so serious or it does fit the storyline fairly naturally for the most part. In other matters, sometimes the characters know how to find out news or things reliably while at other times they don’t seem to check the scenario enough and end up creating more misunderstandings. Of course, these misunderstandings will naturally be used to make certain events happen later on which is part of the overall story development. I can’t say it’s a fantastic method but it does create some of the dramatic effects later on for sure.

For the nice parts, I felt that the cast definitely played their roles well, whether it was a main role or more of a supporting type. Sometimes you could see the hatred in their eyes when they are feeling furious or their sadness when they have their hearts broken. I wonder how many takes it took before some of those moments were captured so nicely as I’d think some of it is definitely not easy to pull off successfully. And of course, the Nice-ness is certainly shown more and more clearly as the story goes on, even though initially he doesn’t seem quite like it. Pretty good way to develop/flesh out the character, or at least I haven’t seen it all that often like this.

The background music/OST of this show is pretty nice too, fitting the mood/atmosphere quite well on most occasions and even helps to add some kind of tension and excitement at times. Unfortunately at this point I am unable to find an official release for the tracks used, though it might be because there is no such official compilation just yet. Actually, I’m just more interested in a few of the tracks, not the entire OST selection.

Overall, while it has been quite some years since my last KDrama encounter, this series was certainly not a disappointment even though the ending is somewhat less than spectacular. In some sense, this series probably rectified some of the resistance I have towards KDramas in general. But saying that, I have no idea when the next pick will take place. Stay tuned and find out… Lol.

p.s. no prizes for guessing what made me pick this up initially (nope it’s not mentioned in this entry)




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