Changing Pace

27 09 2015

Hmm, looks like I am ‘late’ this week again, since I didn’t really have the urge to write (or rather, type) this entire weekend so far. Yeah, I have also not touched any of my entry backlogs though in recent days I have slowed down my watching pace (maybe more on that later).

Let’s start with work. Hmm, first up, it is a good thing that there was a holiday in the past week so it’s one less working day! Lol, any break is welcomed by me. More importantly, I have more or less finished the main tasks for the time being so I suppose it is more of wrapping up stuff in this iteration in the coming days, or whatever adhoc stuff to deal with that may be coming along. Oh well, it’s been rather peaceful the past week, and I hope the peace will continue. =D Maybe there will be some changes coming, but let’s see how it will unfold.

Now I guess on to the related content of the title. For starters, the coming week will not have any fighting game videos cos I haven’t really been clearing much this week though I have somehow managed enough for the one which just passed. While I am at it, I have decided to at least finish up the drama ‘reserve’ entries from 2012. Lol yeah, it’s like 3 years ago but I think they aren’t many left. After that is done, I shall see whether I see should resume fighting game videos content, or continue with other categories’ entries from 2012.

Next, I mentioned that I have slowed down my watching pace because I am trying to spend some (more?) time on clearing my game backlog. Hmm, certainly clearing games isn’t as easy as finishing up shows because for one, the amount of time is not fixed since how one clears the game and how good the skill level will affect the completion rate. For another, it is more difficult to optimally spend all the free time clearing game because there are some parts which you have to reach in order to make sense of what the save point/state actually means. Ah well, but the more important thing is to enjoy the game when I am playing. =D So, taking it slowly is probably a good idea. Well, let’s see how long I can maintain this. Heh.

Well then, I suppose that’s pretty much it for this week’s update, and also happens to be the final one for the quarter. I suppose I will see you next week, if I still manage to get myself to do a weekly update. Hah. Take care and enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend.




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