Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1365

19 09 2015

It has been a while since I have posted any standalone entry for the USF4 Omega mode. I suppose most people are kind of ‘done’ with this, so I think this will be the final standalone entry. In future, I will probably just include them as part of my other entries.

USF4 Omega Rose and Omega Seth combo video by izumojin. This is really awesome.

USF4 Omega Ken and Omega Poison combo video by izumojin. Another awesome piece of work again.

USF4 Omega mode combo video by Sho Kitamura

USF4 Omega Ken combo video by Snoooootch

USF4 Omega Fei Long combo clip by Snoooootch

USF4 Omega Dudley combo video by Rhuel47

USF4 Omega Decapre combo video by paolomiragli

USF4 Omega Blanka combo video by Indo Imran

USF4 Omega Vega changes and combos video by Draghun57

USF4 Omega Oni changes and combos video by Geu. It’s mostly changes though.




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