14 09 2015

Yeah well, this week’s ‘update’ comes later than usual partly because of yesterday’s ‘filler’ entry. Yup, that entry didn’t provide very much and I admit it was really to ‘fill’ up the space for a day. Don’t really have a lot of drive to be drafting up entries recently, yet at the same time I am sort of hesitant to start eating into my reserves afraid that that will become a habit. Hmm, actually that sounds familiar to something we see over here, but trust me, it is not a reference to that. It is indeed how I felt recently.

That said, I have still managed to schedule the entries for the rest of the week. I guess fighting game content is something I will still clear on a regular basis and it doesn’t exactly require too much effort to draft an entry after watching the videos so I suppose that can continue as long as I clear enough videos over the week. Then again, new content is streaming in slower these days as compared to earlier part of the year, probably related to a decrease in certain fads and all. Either way, let’s just see how long this can continue.

The coming week will be a full working week for me, something which I haven’t had for a couple of weeks now. On top of that, some big things have to be cleared during those few days so I suppose it won’t exactly be a fun time to go through. But hopefully nothing abrupt happens and I should be able to handle it somewhat peacefully. Well, the only way to find out is probably to look out for my next update, if I am still continuing to write entries. =P

Recently, the haze has been quite bad and I think it has some side effects on me even though I tried my best to take counter measures. It is indeed quite annoying and I can’t seem to find any decent remedy at the moment. Sigh, guess I will have to bear with it for the next couple of weeks at least. Meanwhile, I just hope it won’t turn into something too horrible. In the meantime, I should enjoy whatever is time left before the dreadful week starts again. And yup, that means I wrote this ‘in advance’, relative to the published time. Take care and drink more water, though the latter doesn’t seem to be helping me very much, perhaps just preventing me from falling further.

p.s. it seems that it is the 2nd time I’m using this title. Guess I am running out of ideas to put a title eh…?




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