Spending Spending Spending

6 09 2015

Surprise, surprise. I am actually writing this ahead of my usual schedule, something I haven’t done in some weeks now. I wonder why that’s the case since it is not like I have a lot to talk about, but as usual I will try to come up with things to fill this up. After all, you only need to deal with this once a week. Hmm wait, it’s not the case for the coming week since I have decided to do something different tomorrow.

Well, it is the election fever over here recently, and naturally there is a lot of reports from the mainstream media as well as the social media. Quite clearly, there are 2 major camps from what I see, though that’s probably not the best gauge of the true picture since I don’t really comb the grounds. Anyhow, I am not at all excited or anything by this, particularly about the part of dealing with candidates. For one, I am in a different GRC every single time since moving to where I am, so basically I don’t know how much exactly the team has specifically done for their ward over the past few years. The only edge the ruling party has is probably that they have a couple of members holding actual ministerial posts so there are opportunities to see what they have done (or seemingly have not done) with their assigned big appointment. Other than that, there’s practically nothing for me to base on for either side, so it’s kind of sad. Lol.

On top of that, I don’t exactly see many posters/banners in the area around my place. In fact, they only came like a couple of days later. Maybe I am in an area that’s not very popular, or that it is a ‘new’ territory portion so it got ‘covered’ later. Oh well, I didn’t signs of either party going around so this whole election affair feels rather foreign to me, apart from the reports shown elsewhere. Since there’s little to entertain me during this period, I have decided to make wild guesses of the results and that’s what is coming tomorrow.

Work wise, the week has been fairly peaceful this week but I think that is about to change since I will have to deal with some time consuming features pretty soon. Oh well, I think it is not that difficult to go through, just that it will require quite some time and (manual) effort to get it done. Anyhow, the coming week is a shorter work week thanks to elections so I guess I will be able to get through it somehow.

In other matters, it looks like my expenditure this month will be kind of high again. Well, that’s my own doing really, since I have gotten some essential stuff together so there will be a little spike to deal as a result of it. Either way, it does seem that my finances don’t look as good this year, or at least it seems to be set to be that way, considering there are still a few more months to go in this calendar year.

Ah well, I’m done scheduling entries for the rest of the week, and now that this week’s update is coming to an end, I suppose I will be able to sit back and relax the rest of the weekend. =D Take care and have fun, if you happen to be in a region where the elections are more interesting than mine… See you next week.




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