Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1351

1 09 2015

USF4 Cody tutorial by EG Momochi. Some nice details gone over here – useful for Cody players and also for those who want to know a bit more about the matchup.

Darkstalkers combo and tutorial video by Desk. Looks like this is his new ‘toy’. It’s a little scary how fast he picks up the execution tricks though.

P4AU Minazuki combo video by persona

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Bass combo video by AiN

UMvC3 Jill and Doctor Doom combo video by Paulow3b

SFEX3 Zangief, Garuda combo clip by Shinji

Guilty Gear Xrd Elphelt combo clip by alioune

Street Fighter V beta Chun Li combos by DreamKing

Street Fighter V beta Ryu combos by BurnoutFighter

Yatagarasu AoC Azure mixups by Rikk




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