Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1340

19 08 2015

KOF XIII Benimaru combo video by persona. Electrifying display.

Tekken 7 combo video by STL

BBCPEX Valkenhayn combo video by Jourdal

Mortal Kombat X Predator (Warrior) combo clip by CHECK

Killer Instinct Rash combo video by Perfect Sam

USF4 Dhalsim and Bison combo video by Venom47. Hmm, you can probably ignore the mod combos at the end if you are the ‘serious’ type

Killer Instinct Rash combo clip by HurtboxTV

Rising Thunder Crow combo clip by Venom47

Rising Thunder Vlad and Talos combos by UltraDavid

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax trailer




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