Slow Moving

16 08 2015

To be honest, even now, I have little idea on what to talk about this time around, since the past week has been fairly uneventful, or rather there hasn’t been much interesting stuff which took place. Anyhow, I am thankful for the shorter work week due to the make up public holiday over the weekend and that’s probably the best about the entire week so far.

So why is it slow moving? Well it is not referring to work actually, since it is pretty much the same kind of ‘chaos’ really. To me, it is probably not very well controlled anymore, if you can even consider it under control. I really wonder how well the team as a whole is still seeing it through as the frustration among some developers continue to increase quite obviously. Meanwhile, I am trying my best to ‘numb’ myself from it and just do my tiny part where I can without extending myself a lot. Honestly speaking, compared to some months ago, I feel that I am really caring much less about the project as the sense of ownership, participation and all has really felt poor to me these days. After all, I don’t even know many of the changes and additions made on existing features or even new designs which are implemented. Oh well, I guess I shall really fade into an ‘observer’ as much as I can then.

Slowing really refers to the usual stuff I am doing. I haven’t done up the ‘quota’ for this week’s fighting game videos, nor have I cleared some of the entry backlog, or even clearing my main backlog at a steady speed. Perhaps I am getting a little tired of the routine and am wanting to try something different yet at the same time I don’t really have a specific thing to target at and work towards so it is kind of in limbo mode or whatever you call it anyway. Well, I figured that I should probably find something to do and not care so much about the other stuff but as usual I can’t even decide on one, even for leisure/recreational stuff like these. Lol, but anyhow I will still clear the weekly entries first since the blog remains as one of the few things I am hoping to persevere at.

Well then, the week ahead will probably the most ‘painful’ so far since it is a full work week, something which I haven’t had in a while. Hopefully, the ‘new’ administration will not cause (unpleasant) changes for me in the near future. Meanwhile, I shall try to tidy up on whatever I can in the remaining hours of the weekend. Take care and I will see you next week.

p.s. I really dislike today’s weather. urgh.




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