Jubilee Weekend

9 08 2015

Since it is the weekend that’s been so hyped about and reported almost everywhere, that is why the title is as such. Well, probably the only time I will get to use it unless I somehow manage to live long enough to see SG100 taking place. Not impossible, but I think that is not very likely. Lol, that is actually a scary thought in itself (go figure why).

Anyhow, with a long weekend and an extra holiday declared by the government meant that the past work week was shorter than usual and there was this semi ‘holiday mood’ atmosphere present in office. Nonetheless, there was still some work to be cleared but evidently it wasn’t as bad as some weeks. Perhaps the ‘missing’ of some key personnel helped to lighten the mood at the workplace, as I could see quite obviously that some colleagues had a much less stressed out face during the past week. I suppose that is important, given that the turnover rate is already not very pleasant. Wouldn’t be nice to keep ‘switching’ people even if the people you get are all supposedly brilliant and capable people.

As usual, the working week wasn’t much enjoyment for me, though I think the catered lunch in celebration of SG50 was pretty good. At least I had my fill and had food choices vastly different from the usual fare I get to eat at the nearby food courts. Oh well, the coming week should see the above mentioned key personnel back in action, which probably means that ‘sad life’ will be back quite fully again.

Unlike many other countrymen, my long weekend is mostly going to be quite tame (read: time spent at home), though I did go out yesterday for an afternoon for a couple of meetings. It was nice meeting some new people and they are really quite friendly. At least I think having a common topic helped me a lot, since I would usually be really awkward around new people, even at work. Haha, then again, there isn’t really particularly interesting stuff to talk about here so I shall leave it as just that. For the other meeting, it was for my grandmother’s birthday lunch and the number of people who showed up seem to be even less this time round. I am not sure if it had anything to do with the timing chosen and that this long weekend is supposedly a busy period for many people who wants to bask in the celebration mood or simply just not in town anyway. Lol.

I am not exactly feeling very well now so I shall go take some extra rest later. To be honest, it isn’t nice to be feeling anything other than 100% during a long break to enjoy it. Ah well, expect the usual to come for the rest of the week and I should be back again a week later. Enjoy your long weekend and take good care of yourselves. =D




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